Conference Venue


EST 2017 will be hosted by the University of Kent and takes place in the beautiful cathedral city of Canterbury, UK. The conference is a three day event starting on 6 September, 2017. The conference will be held in the Sibson Building, University of Kent, Canterbury. A reception desk will be organized at the foyer.

Traveling to Cantebury

Canterbury has excellent transport links specially with London. Getting to Cantebury is easy whether you are arriving by road, air, bus, train or channel tunnel. Detailed travel instructions can be found here.


There are many places to stay in and around Canterbury details of which can be found here. Additional information about visiting Canterbury can be found here.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury is home to Englands largest and oldest Cathedral. It is also recognized as a World Heritage site.

River Stour

The river runs through Canterbury and is a popular touritst attraction all year round.

Canterbury Town Centre

Canterbury has a busy town centre with numerous places to shop, dine and relax.

The Canterbury Labyrinth

Made with Yorkstone and grass, this permanent, Labyrinth is a popular attraction at the University of Kent.